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      Preston Squire

        Share where you are in your writing journey (where in the writing process, or production or marketing) and what step(s) you’re committed to achieving this week.

        Report each week and support your fellow authors in their journeys.

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        Preston Squire

          To sent the tone for this, I’ll go first:

          Currently I have three books (of my own) in various stages:

          Isecas – Cover to be redone – awaiting artist to finish current project

          Dillon’s Dilemma – Has been content edited, being reviewed

          Gain Wealth, God’s Way – Not being worked on currently – 1st draft completed

          By the end of this week I’ll be meeting with a ghost writer (who’s polishing up the finished story for Dillon’s Dilemma) and laying out final revisions to be made.

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          Jaime Speligene

            I currently have one children’s book in the making.

            Before finding this course, I had already signed a contract with a self-publishing company and submitted my manuscript for editing.

            My manuscript has been professionally edited and currently I am working with an illustrative team to complete the cover and illustrations for the book.  This has been an INCREDIBLY long process.

            I do have a publishing agent that is guiding the process, but the information I’ve gained from this course has been invaluable as once the book is released… it will be up to me to market and sell it.

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