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We'll take your hand and guide you through the process with comprehensive yet simple easy-to-implement steps, video training, and LIVE coaching calls.


You don't just want to claim to be an 'Amazon Best-Seller' to magnify yourself.
You want to use your books to impact lives and magnify others.

You desire to inspire, empower or entertain people.
And know books are a powerful medium to spread your message.

You are out to make a difference.
While earning a living doing so.


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The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.

Tony Robbins

What's Included?

The SellMoreBooks Academy


Have questions?  I have answers.  Bring all your questions about writing, publishing, marketing, and more and I'll answer them.  I've been an indie author, coach and publisher for a decade, and I've helped dozens of other authors succeed online too.  Most weeks you'll have an opportunity to get your questions answered - LIVE. Can't make it live?  Send in the questions, I'll answer on the call.  Or ask in our private Facebook group.  All calls recorded and available anytime.

SellMoreBooks Academy

A deep dive into all the aspects we covered on the free mastermind training - and more! Simple, step-by-step short videos, tools, and exercises to keep you in motion and feeling confident that you've got this!

 - Understanding Your Audience
 - Compelling Covers
 - Terrific Titles
 - Simplify SEO
 - Raving Reviews
 - Self-publishing on KDP
 - Copy that Converts
 - Self-Publishing Road Map
 - Success with a Series
 - Amazon Ads - step-by-step


Access to our private Facebook group where we'll work together to help each other succeed. Get feedback from other like-minded authors and myself.

Total Value: $5,999 - But wait... There's MORE!
Far more...


It's my goal to equip you with everything you need to succeed as an author.

I'll be steadily adding new training all the time, and updating them as things change.  

GUEST SPEAKERS - Each month I interview a proven expert on how they achieved their results - $999
Motivation videos - weekly quick videos to keep you inspired and on track - $99
How to launch an Amazon best-seller Worth $299
How to set-up an Ingram Sparks account - Worth $49
How to set-up a Google Books account - Worth $49
How to simply set-up your own online store - Worth $99
Tiktok Ads for books - Worth $399
Book Promotions - 'Free' just pay Shipping - Worth $99
Book Promotions - Free Book Offer (ongoing) - Worth $99
Book Promotions - $.99 (or free) book promo sales - Worth $99
How to win book awards - Worth $49
Where to find talent (editors, cover designers, etc) - Worth $49
Getting on Podcasts and Guest Blogging - Worth $49
More to be added regularly - Priceless

Total Value: $8,335

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Why so low? It IS insanely low, and this is the only time I'll be offering it at this price, but it's only fair as you'll be getting in on the ground floor, as I continue to build out all the content.  So every week more will be added, and you'll be a big part of that as I'll build it around your needs.   So for only $497, you'll get lifetime access to the course material PLUS ongoing live coaching with me.  Or join us on a month-to-month basis for an easily affordable $47/mth.

Whether you only want to write one book, or a series, this is an outstanding value you can't afford to miss.

About Your Host

Preston Squire

CEO, Guiding Light Publishing / Sell More Books

Author, coach and publisher, Preston has helped dozens of authors to self-publish and achieve greater success.  His own publishing brands generate thousands of dollars in book sales monthly.

Here's What Our Members Are Saying About SMB Academy

Our first class all had raving reviews about their journey through the Academy.

Delois Campbell

SMB Academy Founding Member

"SellMoreBooks Academy opens a new dimension for writers. Writing a book is much more than sitting and pecking at a computer. Enroll in SMB Academy to become educated about the segment of book writing/publishing that is not commonly known. Preston is patient, thorough, and willing to assist in any phase needed."

Jaime Speligene

SMB Academy Founding Member

"Fantastic information, made simple and clear. At first it will feel like you are drinking from a fire hydrant, but when you take the time to digest each lesson and work it as you go… you will find the information gives you a clear road map of where to start and what to do next.

It’s the best money I’ve invested to feel more confident in my up and coming book launch!."

Looking for simple strategies to help you make your book discoverable, and reach more people?

Writing and self-publishing a book can seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you already have a busy life.

It doesn't need to be.  I've been successfully self-publishing books for nearly a decade, and now, I'm sharing my strategies, in simple easy-to-follow steps so anyone can do it.

You don't need to become a marketing expert, you don't need to start a mailing list, online program or be a speaker to EARN money.  While we have used our books to build a successful online business and speaking engagements, we also earn thousands of dollars, every single month, just by selling books.

So whether you have a story to share, or valuable information, I can help you reach your audience and sell more books.  If you want to build a business around your books, I can help with that too.

Contentment comes when you find the people, places, and events in life you were created to impact.

T. D. Jakes

Our Four Pillars

These are the core pillars which our program is based on to help you succeed at every level!

PIllar 1


My goal is to create the most comprehensive training on how to write and sell books in the market today.  A complete A-Z for today's book publishing world, presented in simple easy-to-do steps so it never feels overwhelming.

pillar 2


I'm not leaving you on your own!  Every other week I will provide live coaching on some aspect of writing, marketing or publishing along with answering your questions.  



You don't have to be a Christian to work with us, but we are unabashedly Christian and feel called to expand the Kingdom by focusing on helping Christian authors (and those with a valuable message) to reach more people, have greater impact, and create an additional income stream.

pillar 4


Without confidence in what you're doing, you're not going to give it your all, leading to mediocre results, which then impacts your confidence and creates a downward spiral of feeling helpless and hopeless.   This is why building confidence, and Kingdom mindsets is a key pillar in our program. 

Our books aren't just ink on paper (or characters on a screen), they are an integral expression of who we are.  Our hearts, imagination, life experiences, knowledge, hard work, time and money all go into lovingly crafting them. They are our gift to the world.

We'd never conceive of leaving our young child alone in the Amazon jungle, sure they'd find a way to thrive, alone and unattended, yet that's exactly what so many author's do with their books.  Myself included!  I wrote two children's books, not because I wanted to, but because I felt compelled too.  I tried the traditional publishing route, until I realized the ridiculous amount of time that'd take, and opted to self-publish instead.  Which I did.  Then I left them to succeed on their own.  Did they?  Yes, initially, I did get some sales, even became an 'Amazon Best-Seller' for a brief moment in time, and then crickets, with only rare purchases when I finally made some sort of marketing effort.

So I get it, I totally understand the sense of overwhelm of not knowing how to make them sellable and effectively marketing them.  Funny thing though, I didn't treat my wife's book that way.  For that, I took a course, launched a marketing campaign, ran periodic discounts, spend months mastering Amazon ads, and continued to work at trying to find a way to ever increase it's sales.  Why?  Her career hinged on it.  She'd dreamed of launching a successful online business, and with the success of her book, she was finally able to!  Why the difference? It wasn't my book.  

Funny how we'll do more for others than we'll do for ourselves.  It's only now, as I'm teaching this course I've reengaged the artist to create new covers and will be doing a relaunch for my own books in the near future.  Because I'm realizing, belatedly, the importance of my own voice, and my own gift to give.  If those stories can positively impact children's lives, then it's worthwhile for me to take the time and effort to do them right.  To magnify my message and to make a difference where I can.

And that's why I've created this course, because I had enough with seeing overpriced author courses promising easy success 'Become an Amazon best-seller' without them teaching even the most basic fundamentals of what it will actually take to make your book sellable.  Your message is too important.  Whether it's a non-fiction that'll solve someone's issue, or a fiction that'll move their hearts, this world, more than ever, needs empowering stories and insightful books, and yes, even just some delightful escapism from time to time.

I'm committed to helping serious authors, those that have a passion and believe that what they are doing matters, to succeed. To help them to get their books out, find their fans and sell more books.  Because when you succeed, in magnifying your message, we all succeed.  Let's do this!

Beta pricing Ends March 31st

As this program is still in beta, you're getting a fantastic offer!  Most weeks we'll be adding to the course content and hosting a live coaching call, which means we'll be creating the course to suit your particular needs!  However, since it's a work in progress, you have access to an ultra low rate that'll never be offered again.

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"1 John 2:6 says "The one who says he abides in Him ought himself to walk in the same manner as He walked." If your heart belongs to something or someone other than God, then you will seek to make an impression. If your heart belongs to God you will seek to make an impact."
Dr. Dennis Trull, Pastor

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